5 Amazing Developer tools

5 Free Developer Tools that you should use

Hello World! Are you a software developer and therefore want to speed up your workflow and go ahead. I will talk about 5 free developer tools in this article. One of the things I have learned about developers that you should work smart not hard.

Today I am gonna discuss 5 free developer tools that you should implement in your workflow. So that you can save some time and work on your hobby projects. Similarly, there are many tools in the market but these are the tools that I used often so, therefore, I can write about these tools. Also, these are free & no one gives me a penny to write about these tools, I am writing about these because some of it has helped me a lot.

Here are 5 free developer tools that are amazing:

  1. Canva is a free web app for any kind of graphics work. For a developer, this is great because it reduces the pressure of designing. From banner to logo anything you can imagine. This is free and you can find thousands of templates. You don’t need to know any graphics design work. It features a drag and drop builder and you can Design presentations, social media graphics and more with thousands of beautiful layouts.
  2. Insomnia is a REST client. For all of those geeky programmers. You will love it if you are a programmer. It is free and user friendly and also has a desktop app.
  3. Rive is free to use as part of the Open Design Movement. It will bring your apps to real life with beautiful animations and it is also free. Their open-source runtimes allow you to load your Rive files in your app or game and give you full control of your files’ properties (e.g. hierarchy, skeleton, vector shapes, and more). And It works great with flutter.
  4. Font Flipper is a free web app that allows you to preview Google Fonts on top of your custom designs, without having to download the fonts first. It is a great tool for all the app designers and developers to see their font looks on websites and apps.
  5. Figma is a free developer tool for designing your apps mockup. Figma is a cloud-based design tool that is similar to Sketch in functionality and features, but with big differences that make Figma better for team collaboration.

In conclusion, I would say that nothing can beat practices & also you should your hard. After that, I want to say the tools I have mentioned will ease your tasks and give you some time to work more on the important things on your app. You can also read about the future of Flutter.

And the thumbnail I have used in this blog post is designed in Canva.

Bye & Assalamualaikum (Peace be upon you).

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