About Me

Hello! I am Abdul Momin Sakib. I am from Bangladesh, A beautiful country with great people. I was a WordPress developer. I developed some wp sites. And freelanced for sometimes.

Then I disocovered Flutter, which is a great framework for devloping cross-platform applications. It was easy for me to pick up this framework because I already knew the foundation of programming language. 

I know HTML, CSS, WordPress theme development, Dart, PHP (Still not dead yet) and a bit of python for automating stuff. You can never learn a bad programming language, because I believe if you know the foundation of the programming language then you can quickly change your language for your project. But you have to have strong foundation knowledge about programming.  

Abdul-Momin's Picture

Here is a picture of mine. There was a friend of mine who tried to ruin this beautiful picture of mine with his funny face. So I wiped him out with a brush. I only take landscape photos if i take, never focused on portrait. It’s funny that you are reading all of this. 😅